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Find targets without data entry wih SalesSniper

The Propulsion SalesSniper app allows you to connect Propulsion’s Data Enrichment services to your traveling sales force. By using SalesSniper, we enable your salespeople to pass on possible targets for us to follow up on, effectively adding the Sales department to the lead generation process.

SalesSniper works with voice recognition software: your salespeople simply tell the app the name and location of the potential lead they’ve discovered. Once name and place are in the app, the data enrichment procedure is triggered. You can choose to do the enrichment yourself, or you can enlist us to do it for you.

Following up

You can even choose to leave the initial contact of the newly found targets to Propulsion. This allows every department within your company to continue doing what they do best, while Propulsion and SalesSniper add new and fully enriched leads to your sales force’s funnel. It’s a brand-new source of lead generation for your company.

Your salesforce has the experience and intuition to immediately recognize possible leads. With SalesSniper, you’re able to harness that intuition to grow your business.


Make use of your sales expertise and intuition

Part of both you lead generation and nurturing processes

Provides a continuous stream of new business suspects

Creates awareness and focus on new business intake

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Since 2013, Propulsion offers active partner management service for Microsoft. In this role, Propulsion acts as lead engine, knowledge partner, and a contact center for Microsoft.


Oracle asked Propulsion to do the following two things: 1) make appointments for the experts on the Fusion product group, and 2) find ways to improve Oracle’s own route to a tricky target market. The target market in question was a list of very large companies in ten different countries.


Efficiently scheduling appointments between HealthCare clients and consultants. The Propulsion scheduler gives great online insight of fill rates of the agenda’s of the HealthCare Consultants.


For eighteen years, our software and our services have been taking care of optimizing market operations for our clients. Read more about the stories of some of our customers whom we’ve been proud to work with.



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