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Propulsion helps its B2B clients with the challenge how to blend their online leadgeneration processes with authentic sales-techniques, in order to transform effectively the first online contact moments into relevant business relations. We are convinced that a 100% dependence on online intake of B2B leads delivers an unpredictable pipeline and takes too much time. To propel a B2B business it is mandatory to blend online inbound together with outbound directed lead nurturing.

In most cases our clients have a solid Marketing Automation and Social Selling operation in place. Propulsion blends this operation with proper B2B leadnurturing and follow up. Propulsion supports your new business relations in their orientation- and buying-cycle.

The combination of follow up on online Inbound created leads with Outbound directed leadgeneration 

The experienced B2B business developers of Propulsion produce and post relevant content on social networks, but also have the necessary offline skills to find out the real buying reasons of a MQL/online lead. Input from these offline conversations are used for launching relevant themes online and visa versa; Proven online themes are used in outbound contact moments to drive business relations in relevant target markets.


Don’t spoil valuable time of the Sales managers

Add relevant lead quality to inbound online efforts

Build your business relationships like you want to be treated yourself

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B2B Leadnurturing


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Since 2013, Propulsion offers active partner management service for Microsoft. In this role, Propulsion acts as lead engine, knowledge partner, and a contact center for Microsoft.


Oracle asked Propulsion to do the following two things: 1) make appointments for the experts on the Fusion product group, and 2) find ways to improve Oracle’s own route to a tricky target market. The target market in question was a list of very large companies in ten different countries.


Efficiently scheduling appointments between HealthCare clients and consultants. The Propulsion scheduler gives great online insight of fill rates of the agenda’s of the HealthCare Consultants.


For sixteen years, our software and our services have been taking care of optimizing market operations for our clients. Read more about the stories of some of our customers whom we’ve been proud to work with.



Propulsion, located in Hoofddorp, is a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. We offer ample parking space and we’re right next to a lovely park. Feel free to drop by—the coffee is ready!

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