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If you have the knowledge and experience to edit your target market yourself, then the Propulsion Sales Center Software will help you become even more successful. Our software has been specifically developed for the B2B market and enables users to approach this market better than other alternatives for the B2C market. Our software takes account of company structures, so that holding companies can be distinguished from one another. Moreover, with our software, you’ll be able to build up the profiles of your contacts with each contact moment, so that you can respond more efficiently to their needs and intentions. This creates overview and clarity, which helps you to better edit your target market.

Powerful combination

The Propulsion Sales Center Software enables you to quickly and effectively approach your target market. The software can be combined with Marketing Automation software and can serve as an addition to CRM software. We’ll help you with your first campaign layout to ensure that everything is set up correctly. This way, you can immediately get started on bringing regularity to your New Business generation. You can always count on us when it comes to second-line support and assistance in further improving your campaign.


Clear reports & Realtime dashboard

A complete online and offline contact history per individual contact person

Offers the possibility to directly adjust campaigns

Takes the multi-level organization of companies into account

View the case.

A complete prospect image thanks to the combination with their CRM

A flexible, scalable market operation environment

A clear idea of what their target market is doing

Rhythm in sales and communication

Toyota Material Handling uses Propulsion Sales Center Software

Toyota Material Handling has a small core team of sales representatives who continuously process the market at the end customer level. Toyota chooses to manage and execute this operation itself, by using the Propulsion B2B Campaign Management Software. Toyota also adds to the design and content of the campaign processes. In addition, Toyota also leads the Sales Center.

Propulsion operates as a second-line helpdesk for Toyota for both campaign content and software questions. A link was set up made between Toyota’s CRM system and Propulsion Software. Thanks to this link, account managers and sales agents have the same information about customers and prospects at their disposal.

The Propulsion Sales Center Software makes it possible for Toyota to have very focused communication relationships with prospects. Thanks to our solution, Toyota is able to register themes that resonate with prospective clients. Toyota can now easily bring relevant offers and incentives to the right target market.

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Since 2013, Propulsion offers active partner management service for Microsoft. In this role, Propulsion acts as lead engine, knowledge partner, and a contact center for Microsoft.


Oracle asked Propulsion to do the following two things: 1) make appointments for the experts on the Fusion product group, and 2) find ways to improve Oracle’s own route to a tricky target market. The target market in question was a list of very large companies in ten different countries.


Efficiently scheduling appointments between HealthCare clients and consultants. The Propulsion scheduler gives great online insight of fill rates of the agenda’s of the HealthCare Consultants.


For eighteen years, our software and our services have been taking care of optimizing market operations for our clients. Read more about the stories of some of our customers whom we’ve been proud to work with.



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