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The Propulsion Appointment Planner software enables you to solve logistical challenges surrounding appointments quickly and easily. The Propulsion Appointment Planner software allows you to efficiently manage the complexity that arises when advisors or members of your traveling sales force are faced with many appointments coming in from multiple sources.

Our software uses an option generator, which considers travel time, availability, skills, and the designated area for each member of your traveling sales force. Having considered each of these variables, the option generator presents the most optimal moments for possible appointments.

Streamline your booking process


Since the Propulsion Appointment Planner is cloud-based, it’s available at all times and from any location. Regardless of who makes the appointment—be it office personnel, the sales person, or the client—anyone can immediately plan an appointment at the optimal time. Appointment confirmations and reminders can be sent automatically by email or text.

Thanks to the built-in reporting functionality, it’s easy to gain insights into the end results of appointments. This permits you to continue improving the booking process.


A powerful addition to your CRM software

Minimize the chances of mistakes made in booking processes

Minimize the chances of mistakes made in booking processes

Easily set up appointments online through the option generator

Synchronize seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange

View the cases:

Propulsion collaborated with Capter to build an online appointment mechanism to facilitate appointments between insurance advisors and clients for the company Nationale Nederlanden.

The process is simple: a client receives a targeted email, which contains a link to a landing page where they can immediately book an appointment. In the background, the Propulsion Appointment Planner Software’s option generator automatically weighs client preferences with advisor availability.

The option generator presents the client with the best times for appointments, which they are free to choose. Once a choice is made, the system automatically takes care of all the logistics around the appointment.

Thanks to Propulsion, Nationale Nederlanden has

Reduce travel time and increase number of appointments per day per advisor

Reduce travel time and increase number of appointments per day per advisor

Easily set up appointments online through the option generator

Online dashboarding for all the parties involved

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Thanks to Propulsion ABN Ambro has been able to:

Reduce travel time by 25%

Reduced the personnel need to book appointments by 30%

Improve the effective fill rate of agendas by 25%, enabling advisors to use their time more effectively

Create win/loss analyses regarding the results of appointments conducted by advisors

 ABN Amro relies on Propulsion Appointment Planner Software

Collaboration between ABN Amro and Propulsion began in 2005. Through the Your Business Banking contact center, leads are generated, and appointments are made for advisors. Propulsion Appointment Planner software is used to plan out these appointments in an efficient manner. In 2015, the Equity Derivatives department of the bank also started using our software.

Appointments are allocated in such a way that they are spread evenly across different advisors. Thanks to the tools for reporting and insight, ABN is able to monitor agenda filling at all times. samen

ZIEN24 combines its own platform with the Propulsion Appointment Planner Software

Propulsion provided Rotterdam-based company ZIEN24 with an online appointment-making mechanism to more easily plan meetings between real estate agents, homeowners, and photographers.

ZIEN24 offers innovative home presentations, which requires photographers to make appointments all over the Netherlands. At ZIEN24, the real estate agents are the client, meaning they are given access to a client portal. This portal is synchronized with our Appointment Planner, which allows the two systems to work together to reach the best possible result. In the portal, the client can make an appointment at a homeowner’s house with a photographer using the Appointment Planner software. When providing possible timeslots for such a meeting, the software automatically takes travel time, existing appointments, and required skillset into account.

The Propulsion  Appointment Planner offers ZIEN24:

Complete integration between the ZIEN24 portal and Propulsion software

Automated communication around appointments

A balance between the availability of advisors and the client’s need to meet

Effective appointment schedules with minimal travel time

Thanks to Propulsion Appointment Planner Software, Childminder Agency Krokodilletje can Krokodilletje

Quickly and easily fill the agendas of consultants

Provide online insight on client history and appointment information to consultants

Guide the logistics around appointments

Allow childminders to book their appointments with consultants online

Gastouderbureau Krokodilletje uses Propulsion Appointment Planner Software

Every day, consultants from the childminder agency Krokodilletje hit the road to attend appointments between childminders and parents. To efficiently plan these appointments, and to come up with an effective schedule, consultants needed to combine the information about both the meeting locations and travel time involved. With Krokodilletje growing fast, this issue was becoming a logistical challenge. In 2015, Krokodilletje began using the Propulsion Appointment Planner Software in order to keep making appointments quickly and effectively.

Our software offers the booking agents appointment slots that are automatically optimized for efficiency. When generating appointment slots, the Propulsion Appointment Planner Software automates an (otherwise difficult) manual process of connecting data regarding location, existing appointments, and consultant availability. Thanks to our software, Krokodilletje is now able to plan more appointments per day on average, meaning both bookers and consultants can use their time more effectively.


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Since 2013, Propulsion offers active partner management service for Microsoft. In this role, Propulsion acts as lead engine, knowledge partner, and a contact center for Microsoft.


Oracle asked Propulsion to do the following two things: 1) make appointments for the experts on the Fusion product group, and 2) find ways to improve Oracle’s own route to a tricky target market. The target market in question was a list of very large companies in ten different countries.


Efficiently scheduling appointments between HealthCare clients and consultants. The Propulsion scheduler gives great online insight of fill rates of the agenda’s of the HealthCare Consultants.


For eighteen years, our software and our services have been taking care of optimizing market operations for our clients. Read more about the stories of some of our customers whom we’ve been proud to work with.



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